Making NuGet a little easier to use with an Alias

posted on 21 Jun 2013 | OSX and Mono

So I've been in hospital all week with Mycoplasma Infection (or AIDs, doctor says otherwise tho), and figured it would be a good time to mess around with Mono.

So I began by testing WorldDomination.Web.Authentication

While it works GREAT! (Future post maybe) I did run into one issue early on, that is restoring packages.

I found a great post by @orientman about using NuGet on OSX.

But I didn't like having to type the following out each time, since I needed to install a few different project packages.

mono --runtime=v4.0.30319 NuGet.exe install ./Code/WorldDomination.Web.Authentication/packages.config -OutputDirectory ./packages

All the time, it seemed tedious. So what I did was, moved the NuGet.exe to ~/Tools/

Next in iTerm 2 (I prefer it over Terminal) I set an alias for the common stuff!

alias nuget='mono --runtime=v4.0.30319 /Users/phillip/Tools/NuGet.exe'

Now rather than having to type out all that stuff each time, I can just type out nuget

nuget install ./Code/WorldDomination.Web.Authentication/packages.config -OutputDirectory ./packages

It also means I can forget about the NuGet.exe file or where I've put it :D

If you want to check what aliases you have you can run alias -p, and if you want to remove the alias you can call unalias *name*, e.g unalias nuget

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