My must have (short) list of programs/extensions etc...

posted on 02 Apr 2013

It's been 1 year since I posted my list , well.. 1 year has come and gone, and I missed posting this on the same date. None the less its April now and here's my post.

Visual Studio 2012

I'm still a .NET Dev but ah... god it's painful going back to VS 2010... The new Black Theme makes this so much easier to use while sitting in the dark.

Still using

This Software as a Service for Error Handling has replaced my use of ELMAH. It's simply amazing. Been tracking errors in my applications more closely with this.

Metro Studio 2

This is a free program which is rather handy, it allows you to create icons for use in XAML. Been very handy while creating my Windows Store App.

MarkdownPad 2

Since moving my blog to GitHub Pages, and writing everything in Markdown, this program is awesome. Great for being able to preview the parsed content before committing it.


RavenDB is now on V2 and I really wish I could use this in the workplace, it makes life so much easier and I believe using it has made me a better developer.

NancyFX / project I currently contribute to

NancyFX is a micro web framework, well not so sure it's micro anymore, but it's definitely smaller than MVC/WebForms. This is another framework I really wish I could use in the workplace. Makes working with the web a dream.

WorldDomination.Web.Authentication / project I currently contribute to

This project I created with Justin Adler, is an attempt to make OAuth easier to implement, by taking away all the magic and making the magic straight forward and easy to understand. I think we've done a pretty good job and David Fowler has given us great input to make even better. It's currently being used by JabbR


This is a chat-room created by David Fowler, built on SignalR, NancyFX, and WD.Web.Authentication. It's a great place to get help from other .NET developers and help others. Quite a few OSS projects like Service Stack, Nuget, NancyFX, etc all have rooms there, so it's great to get direct contact with the project authors.

MightyMoose / NCrunch /

I'm still torn between these. Like em both...

And that's it, I haven't really changed much over the last year.

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