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posted on 29 Jan 2013 | NancyFX

So not long ago I posted about an up and coming service from called Raygun, well last week they went into beta, and I was invited, so since early last week I've been giving their system the run around and provided a little bit of feedback.

I say a little bit, because besides being a super early beta tester, and a super early product that will grow over time, the beta is quite polished. There was only a few minor issues which they corrected within a day or less.

Raygun is super easy to setup and implement into your application, in-fact it's really nothing more than creating an app, install the nuget package, and set the key, and away you go.

There's a simple guide over, so I won't bore you with the same content.


Currently the offical Nuget package has a dependency on System.Web which isn't very nice for Nancy, so I've created Nancy.Raygun

It has no dependency on System.Web, and uses the NancyContext rather than HttpContext.Current, it also implements IApplicationStartup so that it automatically wires itself up for handling errors for you.

Nancy.Raygun is on Github, installing the nuget package will add the web.config for you so all you need to do is add the key and away you go.

Why Raygun?

I've had a few people ask me why I would use Raygun over ELMAH, or AppFail.

ELMAH means I have to manage all the exceptions myself, I have to specify where I log it, navigate a clunky unstyled website, besides being an awesome alternative to something like log4net or nlog, it really is out-dated by today's standards.

I have no personal experience with AppFail, and their service is similar, but the main difference is I know Mindscape, they are an awesome team that produce an awesome set of tools like LightSpeed, Web Workbench, and even went out of their way to add a control to their Metro Elements for me. I know what I'm getting is an awesome and will only get more awesome as time goes on.

So right now, I've ripped out ELMAH from all my projects and replaced it with Raygun, and I'm not looking back at all.

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