Sinatra Book Review

posted on 03 Nov 2012 | Book Review

For a while I've been wanting to pick-up Ruby, but not rails, every man and his dog is doing rails and everything I read I feel like it tries to do too much, much in the same way I feel ASP.NET MVC get's in the way too much by trying to do too much for me. I think I've written 'too much' too much. :)

So I'm learning Ruby + Sinatra.

Currently I'm reading Programming Ruby 1.9 but I just went on holiday, and figured a smaller book was a better idea to take with me.

Enter Sinatra Up and Running

This book, written by Alan Harris & Konstantin Haase, is brilliant. Clocking in at 103 pages (less than the 122 Amazon states), this book is everything you need to get your feet off the ground with Sinatra and get building applications.

It tells you about Sinatra, the fundamentals, what's happening behind the scenes for you, and then building your own application. At no point does the book divert away to dribble and get boring, it keeps itself simple and concise.

It doesn't go too in depth that the book is confusing, and it's not too basic that an advanced rubist would get bored.

If you're considering learning Sinatra I highly recommend picking up this book.

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