Keep an eye on Raygun to zap all your errors away.

posted on 24 Oct 2012 | Raygun

Mindscape, creator of the awesome Web Workbench tool for visual studio as well as other awesome products, made an announcement today on twitter of a new up coming product they are working on.


Little is currently known about this since trying to find out more from Mindscape is like squeezing blood from a stone, but what I do know is it's a online error tracking and reporting service, that will allow you to track errors that occur on both the serverside and the clientside.

This looks awesome and quite possible be a great Elmah Replacement for my projects, since it will have the ability to track clientside issues that usually go unnoticed.

Not only that but the community will be able to contribute their own plugins and extensions to the service!

Apparently Alpha invites will start going out in the next 2 weeks, so head on over to and signup!

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