My volume gets lowered/reduced when swapping applications (solution)

posted on 25 Sep 2012 | Windows

I have absolutely no idea who made this retarded feature but if I met them, I would like to think I would punch them in the face for all the pain they have caused me, of making me reformat my computer thinking I had somehow stuffed up my installation of the OS.

Windows 7 and 8 have this feature which allows an application to take priority of the speakers. Meaning if you're in Application A, and you're playing music, and you swap to Application B, then B will reduce the volume of A so that itself can have louder volume.

This is really annoying when you want to play music, and then you load up a game, and the music is drowned out by game sounds.

The solution? Disable that shit!

1) Go into your Playback devices:

2) Select the device properties:

3) Untick Exclusive Mode:

4) Repeat the same steps for Recording Devices:

Save it all, and reboot. (Windows 7 seems to work without rebooting, it didn't take affect in Windows 8 for me until I rebooted)

Bam, no more windows taking over my Audio!

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