Split Windows + Web Workbench = Win

posted on 27 Nov 2011

One of the cool features of the Web Workbench from Mindscape is the ability to generate the output files. Prior to using the Web Workbench I was using .LESS{} which uses an HTTP Handler to generate the output files for LESS.

The problem with this is sometimes I would write some CSS and not realise I missed something only to find my site doesn't display anything, then I have to figure out what I did wrong.

With the Web Workbench, and it's ability to generate the files every time I save, makes me less error prone.

But the most efficient way of working with it I found (when writing a lot of CSS in 1 sitting) is to split my windows so the first window has where I'm writing, and the second window has the generated CSS file.

If I make an error on the left side:

I see the error on the right.

If I make a change to the left, (added a background colour) i see the change on the right.

This makes it really handy when applying nested rules. Such as nesting a hover rule to an anchor tag. Sometimes I forget to include the colon.

Maybe in the next version of the Web Bench, Mindscape can include side-by-side windows that scroll with each other :) Tho it would be difficult depending on how much CSS was generated. Would still be a nice feature.

Either way, the Web Workbench is a tool that can't be missed.

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