MVC Routing with Attributes makes routing awesome

posted on 09 Aug 2011 | ASP.NET MVC

I evaluated HEAPS of code/libraries and threw in the towel and decided that getting lower-case routes, while still having Area's, was a complete and utter waste of time and effort because they were all crappy, and broke stuff, or didn't work.

That was until my mate Brad grabbed AttributeRouting from Nuget. Oh well you know what, this is the best thing sliced bread.

First and foremost, it solved the number 1 issue I had with routing, lowercase Urls. This is how simple is it to make Routes lowercase.

routes.MapAttributeRoutes(config =>
    config.UseLowercaseRoutes = true;

Wow... Yet you bing for lowercase routes, and you end up with strange solutions... Here's a couple.

This question links to:

This breaks Area's, why? Because to handle an Area it appends ?Area=areaname to the Url. FAIL. Probably worked great for MVC 1,but considering I've seen it linked in MVC 3 questions,I consider it fail.

Writing them in lowercase? Really?

Pass, I'll stick with AR, it's too simple, it's ridiculously simple. I love it!

The next thing I love, is that instead of writing Routes, and then writing HttpGet HttpPost on all the actions, I just have to write GET and POST on the actions, and even define the URL along with it, and bam, it's clear and explicit how you get to that action.

Such as:

public ActionResult Login(LoginViewModel loginViewModel, string returnUrl)

It's obvious to me, that I can access this Action by navigating to

public ActionResult Index(string slug)

Page content can be accessed via

And when controllers are divided into Area's, I can just define the area with the controller class:

public class HomeController : BaseController

I could define the namespace to use for Area's in the Area Registration, but it just seems... hacky... AR is definitely worth checking out.

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