NHibernate Querying for Max value

posted on 17 May 2011 | NHibernate

Browsing the net today for something to do with Fluent NHibernate I came across a blog post.


The blog post is to do with Subquery, but I got a little bit confused since the post itself doesn't have anything to do with Subqueries.

About the actual post tho, NHibernate.Linq does actually support Min/Max operators.

Infact I just wrote a quick test to see the SQL it generated, the following code:

var result = session.Linq<TestProduct>().Max(x => x.Value);

Generates the following SQL.

SELECT max(this_.Value) as y0_
FROM   [TestProduct] this_

NHibernate.Linq has basically been deprecated however since NH3.0 has it's own built in Linq provider, rewriting that query in NH3.0 would look like:

var result = session.Query<BaseClass>().Max(x => x.Id);
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