Finding the correct Process Id for a website for DotTrace

posted on 28 Apr 2011

Finding which process belonged to which application pool was simple in IIS6, it was a simple case of running up a Command Prompt and typing in iisapp.vbs.

Unfortunately the script wasn't bought across to IIS7. So when it came to profiling a site I was baffled as to why the DotTrace results were showing information for threads completely unrelated to the website I was looking at.

Turns out I was looking at the wrong Process Id...

So I needed to figure out which Process Id belonged to which site.

IIS7 ships with a little command line tool called AppCmd. Which is handy, simply open up a Command Prompt and navigate to:


Then type in the command:

appcmd list wp

This will list out all the sites and their Process Id:

Problem solved!

More information about the tool can be found here:

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