LightSpeed and Eager Loaded properties

posted on 20 Jan 2011 | LightSpeed

Today Mindscape, the makers of the ORM LightSpeed and other awesome products posted a blog on Lazy-Loading/Eager-Loading properties with LightSpeed.

Why can't NHibernate do this! And when I say why can't NHibernate do this, I mean, why can't NHibernate do this with Query/QueryOver.

Ayende detailed this time last year, the ability to lazy-load properties, but currently Query/QueryOver only support One-To-Many and One-To-One relationships.

NHibernate will support the ability to Lazy-Load a property but you can't specify it to be eager loaded.

So you do

Map(x => x.FullDescription).CustomSqlType("NTEXT") 

Running a query would result in:

Great... But you currently cannot do:

var video = session.QueryOver<Video>()
                   .Fetch(x => x.FullDescription).Eager

This will execute, the exact same query.

I do have one gripe with the way LightSpeed works tho, and that is that you have to give your aggregate as a string name, I really think they should give the ability to specify the property(ies) via a lambda.

Without giving it a test drive, I feel if I changed the name of the aggregate and forgot to update everywhere it was referenced, I'm going to end up with a maintenance nightmare.

Anyway checkout LightSpeed, it's awesome, it's everything Entity Framework should have been.

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