Sydney Alt.Net with Udi Dahan and NServiceBus Commercial Support

posted on 01 Dec 2010 | NServiceBus

Note: Update 31-12-2012 - This is a really old post and the licensing described in here no longer applies. Please visit

Last night I attended the Sydney Alt.Net user group since Udi Dahan was attending. There was no specific topic, it was an open questions/answers session with Udi. If you're interested you can watch it here.

The thing that interested me most was to do with NServiceBus commercial support (1 hour 23 minutes in the video if you want to skip ahead). Initially I thought that it was going from Open Source to requiring a license, a license I wouldn't be able to afford for my hobby projects, however someone asked about the licensing.

As it turns out NServiceBus is still completely Open Source and Free, you can download the source code, compile it, and use it with no restrictions. However you must support it yourself, and use the community for support/help. While the paid licensing model is to allow companies to download stable tested binaries with commercial support.

Great news, now I can download it and play around with the latest trunk and look at integrating it into one of my projects. Learning is funs :)

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