Failware... aka,MSN

posted on 28 Oct 2010 | Rant

Microsoft recently pushed out a Windows Update for their Windows Live Essentials, in this update came Windows Live Messenger.

Wow... what was the Windows Live team thinking when they wrote this? It's the biggest pile of crap ever.

The progression of MSN was fine, sure it was becoming slight bloatware, has some annoying advertising, and some silly features. But it worked well and looked nice.

My biggest pet hate?

If I sent a link to an image, I'm sending a god damn LINK. If I wanted to send an image, I would send an image. But I'm not, I'm sending a LINK.

The windows live team thought "you know what, we will help users by getting the actual image and sending it to the user for them so they don't need to click on the link!".




It does have one really nice feature I like.

It automatically creates link's for searchable things on Bing. People and Places seem to be what's most commonly converted, I've seen some food's converted to links too.

It's handy for when you don't have any idea what the hell your friend's are talking about.

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