Google is fail

posted on 15 Oct 2010 | Rant

No longer is Microsoft the evil empire, for Google is the new emerging evil empire. Seriously, Google is the new M$ of the 90's.

It's always bugged me that I use Opera browser for my primary browser, a browser which follows W3 Standards more strictly than any other browser out there.

Yet so many sites fail to support Opera... I had to use IE for years just to do internet banking with ANZ bank, until Opera 9.5 came out, simply because they blocked it. Many other sites seem to suggest using a 'supported' browser, even tho the site works 100% in Opera anyway...

In comes Google, they always hold back on Opera. Google Wave? Gmail? Analytics, all had their issues over the years, and now we have this new super duper feature Google Instant, and their new fancy Image Search.

Except, neither work in Opera...

Except... It actually does work,infact both Google Instant and their fancy Image Search work in Opera.

If you right click and go to 'Edit Site Preferences' and set it to 'Identify as Firefox',then refresh the page.

You end up with:

So clearly, Google fails.

I hope in the future they get their act together and start supporting all browsers instead of picking and choosing.

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